December 19, 2017

Supply Clusters – Fuel Cards


Fuel is critical for many mobile businesses. It may represent a significant cost that can be hard to manage. Especially if you own or hire lots of vehicles. This category provides many businesses an opportunity to streamline and save.

There are many different ways to handle this as a business. Do you utilise a fuel card program tailored to your business needs or do you allow staff to claim on a per use basis? Do you use bulk fuel? While there are pros and cons for each, fuel cards provide a simple solution for most businesses.



Hidden fees and charges
Some cards levy administrative charges on top of already excessive card charges. This can negate any discounts provided on fuel.

Surcharges at some operators
Some fuel stations apply a surcharge for using certain fuel cards. While not always large, these surcharges can add up fast.

Opportunistic staff behaviour
Without good controls, the opportunity exists for employees to fill up non-work vehicles. Buying of non-fuel products such as drinks and groceries on company cards is also a common problem.

Limited time offers
To attract new customers fuel cards often offer discounts off the fuel price for a limited time. While this may be attractive, consider the cost in the longer term. These discounts often revert to zero discount after a limited time. Further, the offer often applies to your local station only.

Kickbacks from operators
For vehicle maintenance, ask whether the charges are passed on at cost. Some of the most popular fuel cards charge full cost to the customer. The card supplier then receives a kickback from the service location.



Choosing a fuel card that provides transparency and no hidden charges. Also consider one with fixed discounts and availability across Australia.

You should consider the following:

  • Low fixed card fees across the term of the arrangement
  • Fuel discount across all fuel types rather than a single fuel type
  • The ability for staff to use at a wide variety of locations
  • Detailed ATO compliant reporting to get control and streamline administration.
  • Adequate controls on cards to limit to the vehicle and what product purchases staff can charge
  • Bulk fuel often attracts other significant costs such as insurance, compliance, etc


Supply Clusters has partnered with Caltex for simple fuel management.

Supply Clusters members receive the following benefits through Caltex:

  • Reduced, low-cost monthly card fee
  • Discounts across the entire range of fuels (excludes lpg)

Caltex customers enjoy:

  • Access to the largest dedicated fuel network in Australia
  • Simplified administration: cashless transactions minimising the need for receipts
  • 24/7 and remote access for online management of your fuel cards
  • Exclusive savings and special offers on other product purchases such as Secure Parking
  • Enhanced cost control: usage purchase limits, detailed reports and tracking tools to control your costs

For a free consultation for eligibility, fill in the form below and someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days


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