November 6, 2017

About Us & Team

Our Vision

We imagine a world in which every teenager feels inspired and motivated to drive for the wellbeing of every road user. 

Our Mission

To deliver memorable and unique workshops in schools with professional motor racing vehicles to influence responsible motoring practices by factoring in the surrounding environment, the equipment and the operator. 

Our Message 

Race on the track, SAFE on the street.

Team Values

To always have a fulfilling and welcoming culture of innovation, belonging and prowess to challenge the status quo, in order to find new ways to develop our organisation and each other. We always strive to deliver excellence in all we do.

Communication –  We communicate diligently, with transparency, dignity and respect to ensure our engagement is positive, effective and efficient.

Integrity We believe in operating with integrity and humility to ensure the confidence of all stakeholders.

ProfessionalWe demonstrate professional behaviour to the highest of standards. Leading by example through positive language and professional appearance.

Inspiring To be a positive example that influences and inspires the Hearts and Minds of our audience, fuelling their belief in driving for the wellbeing of every road user 

Making a difference Providing knowledge and resources to our audience so they are personally fulfilled and can make informed decisions about driving for the wellbeing of every road user

Respect Our attitudes and behaviours demonstrate and invite respect with everyone we interact with.

Responsibility Holding ourselves and each other accountable for the best outcomes for those who wish to contribute.

Advisory Team


Geoffery Wade

CEO – Onirik World Group

As an Executive Coach and Founder of Performance Breakthrough Program, Geoff and his team help organisations including Virgin Australia, Commonwealth Bank, World Vision, AGL, Urban Utilities, and Anglo American to drive fast and lasting improvements in sales, productivity and service.


Lex Joon

NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racer & FIA European Champion

As a passionate Drag Racer, Entrepreneur and Team Owner, Lex’s ethos is Never Quit!

Lex & his Wife Gerda have a passion for protecting the mental health of return service personnel and bringing value to others.



Racing 4 Significance Team


Ashleigh Dawson  

Founder & Chairperson

Drag Racing Enthusiast & ex-Metal Fabricator

Ashleigh developed a passion for professional Drag Racing at a young age. He founded the Racing 4 Significance Foundation as a platform to give back, connect with and inspire the next generation of safe drivers.




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